Future Strategy
  Future Strategy and Plans
  Domestic consumption of crude palm oil will continue to grow, triggered by the population growth and improved economic climate. Domestic traditional markets for crude palm oil will also be growing in relations to the hike in the demand of non-traditional market such as down-stream chemical producers, processed food producers and bio-diesel producers. Indonesia’s demand for crude palm oil and palm kernel is supported by optimisms that the international price of crude palm oil will follow the 2007 trend, which was elevated by a hike in the world’s demand for crude palm oil and other vegetables oil, which among other is used as biofuel.
  These factors have driven the Company to move forward to the future with huge opportunity to benefit from the profile of palm plantation which support production fresh fruit bunches for years ahead. The Company intends to develop its operation by expanding the area for palm plantation and processing capability through the following strategies:
  Expansion of palm plantation area and significant increase in its planted area by acquiring more land bank  
  Improvement of crude palm oil processing capacity, to be undertaken by gradually establishing more processing plants at the plantation where production is near its peak  
  Development of infrastructure and logistic facilities, repair and provision of more roads, introduction of building facility by constructing port at Musi River Bank, construction of storage facilities.  
  Improvement of profit margin by running more efficient operation to be undertaken by means of implementation of industrial best practices, production cost cut, use of new innovation an increase of own plantation production proportion.  
Future Strategy
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