Social Responsibility
  Corporate Social Responsibility  
  As a Company, which was born and grown in the community, the Company is equipped with a moral commitment that good business entity will be formed by establishing balance among aspects of economy, environment and social. Programs developed by the Company have been oriented to capacity improvement of the benefit recipients while maintaining local wisdom and exploring local potential. The Company focuses on program quality achievements by running target-adjusted program which inspire, strengthen the publics trust and generate significant values. The Corporate Social Responsibility program have been undertaken together with the community including religious, educational
and social programs while considering the prevailing benefit, priority and
opportunity. The Company’s CSR program ranges from constructing
school buildings, pray-houses and supplied medical assistance.
  Environmental Concern  
  As the Company’s plantation operations may leave potential damage to the environment, the Company is committed to conducting environmentally responsible operation practices and whenever possible will use environment friendly methods in the harvest and production methods. This includes recycle of empty bunches into fertilizer, the making of land cover to prevent erosion and processing of production liquid waste at the liquid waste facility. In addition to that, the Company also applies restriction policy on burning on land (Zero burning policy). As part of the environment management program, all Gozco plantations have undertaken study on Analysis of Environmental Impacts.  
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