Production Process

Palm trees are commercially harvested three years after planting. Fresh fruit bunches are only harvested when some of the fresh fruits start coming off the fresh bunches as to assure that fresh fruits are harvested only in their mature state which is crucial for maximizing the quality and quantity of the extracted palm. The harvests are then transported to the processing plant within 24 hour. Harvesting method and the short distance to the processing plant has made it possible for the operation to produce super crude palm oil that has a level of free fatty acid of less than 3%

To reach this optimum harvest time, the Company has been taking any possible effort among others by implementing excellent plantation management, procurement of superior seedlings which can genetically improve production of crude palm oil, as well as the establishment of processing plant situated in only one-hour drive from the plantations.

Current technology Management

The company has generated its plantation mapping using Global Positioning System (GPS). To ensure works sustainability, the Company has also made use of IP cameras for its plantation enabling the management team to directly monitor the field activities in live from the Company's office. The Company's plantation is also equipped with canals specially designed to ensure smooth delivery during the rainy season.

Quality Control

In particular, the quality control team serves to make sure that only optimally matures fresh fruits are harvested as to maintain free fat acid content of less then 3%. The inspection team also monitors all the production process aspects at the processing plant as to make sure that the end products are stored in the right temperature and sterile condition prior to delivery.

Most of the palm seeds are imported from Costa Rica . The seeds are genetically more superior and perfect for the company's plantation and requirement. The seeds generally grow to a height which well facilitate harvesting process and result in high product definition

Fertilization system is implemented as to make sure that the pre-productive palm trees consume enough intake during growing period and to guarantee that the productive palm tree are well-fed. The Company purchases some of the fertilizers from various Indonesian suppliers, while specialty fertilizers are procured from out of Indonesia .