To become the leading crude palm oil producer in the business with high reputation in quality, efficiency, productivity and innovation.

The Company

Gozco at a glance

PT Gozco Plantations Tbk. (“The Company”) was originally established as a limited company under the name of PT Surya Gemilang Sentosa, in Sidoarjo, East Java in 2001. In 2007 the Company changed its name into PT Gozco Plantations having it domicile moved to South Jakarta. The Company’s status was further changed to foreign Investment Company in January.

The Company is an Indonesia crude palm oil and palm kernel producer. The Company’s major operation includes planting of palms, production of fresh fruit bunches and processing of crude palm oil and palm kernel for distribution in Indonesia. The Company operates in South Sumatra, Indonesia, and produces crude palm oil and palm kernel from fresh fruit bunches directly harvested from it’s subsidiary’s plantation which is further processed at the processing plant located at the Company’s plantation vicinity

The Company is perfectly supported with some competitive excellence such as plantation and a processing plant situated in an ideal location with easy access to infrastructure along with convenient water table management. Good quality of soil, paved road network and the fact that it is close to the Musi river which has become a huge support for transport. The company also enjoys massive landmark for future operation.

  To develop a palm plantation operation to reach a strong established company by means of:
  Capitalization on a professional and dedicated plantation management team  
  Expansion of plantation area on land highly suited for development of palm plantation in strategic clusters  
  Incremental development of processing capacity and supporting infrastructure for efficient placement of product in the market
  Maintaining existing good relations with surrounding community through development of sustainable smallholders plantings within the community  
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